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BR Instrumentation & Controls is delighted to introduce as a professional Group of organization engaged as a manufacturer & supplier of Electrical Control Panels in Pune, Maharashtra, India. These Control Panels are needed for HVAC, Engineering sector, Power Distribution areas and Process Industries.

BR Instrumentation & Controls is an efficiently managed organization having well qualified manpower for designing and manufacturing and supplying of absolute Control Panel Systems.

Our company is having entire infrastructure to manufacture the Control Panels & related products to meet growing requirements of the customers. The main purpose of the company is to provide high quality Control Panels to its customer and to be punctual after sales and Services.

Control Panel

Ever since our establishment, we BR Instrumentation & Controls has emerged as India’s one of the most prominent manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers of a broad range Control Panels. Our products are manufactured by using high quality raw material and environment friendly processing technology. We also provide customize control panel solutions to our customers as per their specifications and requirement.

What is power factor for controls Panels?

Power factor is defined as the ratio among true power and actual power flowing through the circuit. We get true power by Wattmeter, and apparent power is computed by knowing the Voltage and current flowing through the circuit. Voltmeter and Ampere meters are also used.

Power factor is significant in the A.C. circuit because the apparent current flowing through the circuit is higher when power factor is less than 1.

For purely Inductive circuit the power factor is zero and for purely resistive circuits the power factor is 1. So it is always enviable to approach towards unity power factor. To achieve unity power factor CONTROL PANEL such as AUTOMATIC POWER FACTOR CONTROL PANEL is used.

We manufacture Control Panels with contactor logic & thyristor controlled also, with & without reactors.

We are offering a wide range of Control Panels having capability of saving maximum power and energy. Our Highly efficient Control Panels save energy by accurately monitoring the reactive power in power systems. Our Control Panels are Fabricated using high quality material and consists of capacitors with series reactors that help in minimizing the harmonic current.

We are highly specialized in manufacturing Control Panels. Our Control Panels are manufactured from high quality raw material. Control Panels are available with capacitors which have built in protective devices for cutting extra power. Control Panels manufactured by us are in accordance of required norms and standards.


  • Flawless finish
  • High performance
  • Long operational life
  • Made from rust proof steel material
  • Circuits are equipped with independent fuses
  • These Control Panels are Equipped with capacitors with series reactors for minimizing harmonic current which may alter system voltage & current.

Application Area:

  • In Chemical Feed Pump Systems
  • For Pneumatic Pump Controllers
  • For Environmental Remediation Systems
  • In Vapor Extraction Controls
  • In Drying Systems Control
  • In Process Control Systems
  • In Transfer Pump Control
  • In Lift Stations
  • In Micro processors
  • In LT & HT factories
  • For Electrical installations
  • For Electrical Industries
  • For Process controllers